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The Transitional Infinity Scarf


This may be one of my favorite knitted creations so far for several reasons. But I really love it mostly because it is so warm, it’s super soft, and it’s very versatile.

In fact, you can wear it at least three different ways:

Wear it as a regular infinity scarf

As an infinity scarf

Wrap it around

Wrap it around

Pull the back up over your head for a cozy hoodie

Pull the back up over your head for extra warmth

What I love most is the functionality. It’s easy to just throw on and go, and it matches almost everything. I plan on making a lot more of these to get through the rest of winter.


You Can Do It Too:

For the yarn, I used Lion Brand-Homespun Thick&Quick.

With size 13US needles, cast on 30 stitches.

All I did was a basic knit stitch, although you can really do whatever stitch you’d like.

Just keep knitting….you want to make sure it is long enough to wrap around, and pull up over your head.

Once you reach the length you want, simply cast off, and sew the ends together using a yarn needle.

It’s that easy!

To answer some frequently asked questions about this project:

  1. This scarf takes only one skein of the Lion Brand Homespun Thick&Quick yarn. If there are smaller skeins AND larger skeins available, get the largest one.
  2. Once completed, my scarf measured to be about 38 inches long (after sewing it together), and about 26 inches wide.
  3. It may appear that there isn’t really a pattern, but that’s only because this project is so easy! Just follow the directions above which tells you how many stitches to cast on, what size needles, what type of yarn, and then you seriously just do a basic garter stitch through the entire thing. Lastly, just sew it together once you’re finished!

**For a great video tutorial on how to do a knit stitch, click here!**

57 thoughts on “The Transitional Infinity Scarf

  1. Did you give the finished scarf a twist before you sew the ends together like some sewn infinity patterns tell you to do? Or did you just fold it flat, sew the ends together?

  2. Please help! I have knitted the infinity scarf as per your suggestions with the Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick yarn (160 yd skein) and casted on 30 stitches. I am at the end of my ball of yarn and all my scarf measures before binding off is:

    13 inches in width and 31 inches in length.

    I have no idea what went wrong……at this point, I feel I need to start all over because it is far from being an infinity scarf.

    Thank you in advance for your reply Alicia…….sure hope you can help.

    • There is really no way for me to know what might have gone wrong…do you have another skein? You could always use a second skein to finish the project! If you don’t know how to do that, there are several helpful videos on YouTube. I wish I could be of more help but I just don’t have enough details to know why it turned out differently.

    • did you use the LB suggested #15 needles?

  3. Hi, the wool is called Natural Stripes if anyone else was wondering. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve just bought it to make one of these for my aunt!

  4. Great pattern – thanks for sharing. If you used 3 different colors like is shown here how many rows would be in each color?

  5. I knit using a loom because of my Cerebral Palsy and this can be easily converted thank you wish I found this sooner!

  6. SO Frustrating! Love the blue, white & brown colors but cannot find it at any stores. Suggestions?

  7. This yarn was a gift so I am not exactly sure of the color..but judging by what is looks like on their website, the color appears to be “Granite Stripes”!

  8. I love the look of this what is the color name of the yarn.

  9. Can you tell me the NAME of the Lion Homespun Thick & Quick yarn you used. I love these colors but can not find anything like these in one skein. They are either solids or variegated.
    Thank you, Bette

  10. Thanks for the pattern. This was my first knitting project. I only did a single infinity and itโ€™s awesome (so warm for this NYC winter!) I used the homespun thick & quick, a bit tough for me as a beginner (yarn wasnโ€™t tightly wound so I sometimes struggled not to pick up random threads). I also found 30 to be a bit wide, next time Iโ€™ll only do 25. Another tip, I realized I should have cut the tail at the end of binding super long. Then I could have used that to โ€œsewโ€ it closed. Iโ€™m thinking this will become a regular gift idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I agree === the scarf is a bit wide for me too, so I’ll knit the next one with 25 stitches. … and yes, I will knit another one.

  11. Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern. I am wondering which color was it that you used? I am looking on the Lion Brand site and trying to take a guess at the color, but thought it best to just ask you. Really like the colors that you used. Thank you again!

  12. Love your scarf. What color Homespun Thick and Quick is it? Thanks.

  13. Can I use Red Heart Super Saver Worsted 4 the ball says 5 ounces the color is Zebra. My knitting needles will be 9 mm. Will I need to use double wool when knitting it or just the singular like it comes?

  14. Can I use Lion Brand Wool Ease thick and quick wool.

  15. Hi! I just want to ask: when you sew the ends together, do you keep it “flat” and form a circle, or do you twist one end? Some of the patterns I find that are called “infinity scarf” usually has that twist (I think they also call it a mobius scarf). Thanks!

  16. I’m new to knitting but my scarf is turning out beautiful. When I sew the ends together do I use the same yarn or just thread? It seems like the yarn would make a ridge that you could see. Thanks

  17. Could it be possible the knitting needle size should be large?. I’m using the size 13 us which is 00..my scarf is only 15 1/2 inches wide….I sure my ball of yarn is not going to give me a 38″ long scarf. Im not a tight knitter but I think that this yarn could provide a looser stitch than what I am getting.

  18. Would a 160 yard skein be enough?

  19. Beautiful–thanks for sharing this!

  20. Can you use size 10 mm needles. ..the store did not have 9mm needles…thanks

  21. hi my name is Dorothy i have just found your site fantastic this pattern is great i needed something for my daughter to knit for her birthday .thank you

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  23. I made this scarf on circular needles and I just loved it. I used one and a half of the thick & quick. Really warm and soft.

  24. Couldn’t you use circular needles to avoid sewing the ends together?

  25. When I go to allfreeknitting it says click here for the pattern, it brings me here. I do not see any pattern or link to pattern here. I love this scarf and have some beautiful yarn to make it.

    • Hi Carolyn! This project is so easy, it’s almost as if you don’t even really need a pattern. I cast on 30 stitches, using size 13 US needles, and Homespun Thick&Quick yarn. All I did was a garter stitch or knit stitch throughout the entire thing. It took just one whole large skein of the yarn I bought, and ended up measuring around 38 inches long. Once I was finished, I simply sewed the ends together, and that’s it!

  26. how long did your infinity scarf end up being? looks great!

  27. So one skein does this scarf?

  28. How many skeins did you use? I love Lion Brand, it’s so soft!


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