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Baby’s First Sensory Book


I have been wanting to do something like a sensory book for a while now; however, this one was a very spur of the moment decision! Unfortunately, my sewing machine is on the fritz right now, and I do not have a lot of spare time to sit and hand sew everything. Also, I spent absolutely zero dollars on this—-every single thing I used, I already had. In the future, once my sewing machine is working, I would love to make fabric pages instead of felt pages, will probably purchase a few items that I already have in mind, and will make time to do more hand sewing instead of hot gluing. I guess I really consider this more of a prototype, but hopefully it will still be inspirational to someone who is playing around with the idea of making one of these.


sbook01 sbook02 sbook03 sbook04 sbook05 sbook06

headerlinenorange122So there you go–a very simple, made from scraps, sensory book for baby. After making this, my mind is overflowing with ideas for the next (better) one! These are so fun and the possibilities are endless. Can I just make one all for myself?


2 thoughts on “Baby’s First Sensory Book

  1. Like your website and all the great ideas you have. I made a book for my kids when they were little (long, long ago) and think it would be great to make another one for my granddaughter. Don’t know if I have the time to do it, though. The original I made had a zippered pocket, and other sensory/activity things in it. Thanks for the reminder and ideas.

  2. oh wow you are very creative .


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