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Recycled Sweaters—DIY

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Need an inexpensive Christmas gift? Need some cheap winter accessories? By recycling an old sweater or buying one at the thrift store, you can have a pair of boot cuffs or gloves, and a cute beanie in no time! If you’re in the mood for a quick and easy DIY project that will also make you look fabulous, grab some scissors and check out these step by step tutorials!

***All photos were taken in my bedroom, using my iPhone, and the iPhone App: A Beautiful Mess 🙂 To see in better detail, you can click on the photo to enlarge it.***





PicShells007I unfortunately do not have a step-by-step for these, because I actually made them last year. But please note that you cannot make the bootcuffs and the gloves out of the same sweater, because you need the sleeves for them both. For these, once again cut the sleeves off, except a little shorter than for the bootcuffs. I hand sewed some lace trim around the bottom, and cut a slit big enough for my thumb on the inside of each sleeve. Lastly, I hand sewed around the edges of the opening for the thumb, and added some little, felt flowers on top. Easy peasy!


PicShells002PicShells003PicShells004PicShells005  PicShells006


  • If using a thrifted sweater, pay attention to the size of the sweater you’re buying. The bigger the size, the bigger your accessories will be. (Mostly important for the gloves and boot cuffs) Oh, and please wash it before you use it 🙂
  • If you’re afraid you’re going to make your beanie too big or too small, you can pin it first before you sew it. Try it on and see if it’s the right size. If not, then make the proper adjustments.
  • Once you start sewing your seams, make sure you leave about an inch of fabric on the edge. It makes a better seam and your thread stays hidden.
  • Pick a color thread that is very light or that matches your sweater. I used a dark thread only for the purposes of this tutorial (so that you could see it better).
  • If your sweater is very thick, you may need to use a heavier weighted thread so that it holds better.

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials! If I can do it, you can do it, and in the comfort of your own bedroom. Happy DIYing!



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