Wake and Whimsy

Jewelry Catcher-DIY



This little Jewelry Catcher makes a sweet gift for the jewelry wearing friend in your life. It is great for those special pieces you don’t want to go down the drain, get wet, or get mixed in with other trinkets. This project is very easy, taking only around 15 minutes unless you choose to be more elaborate. I bought this small ceramic dish at my local craft store for about $3.00. It was already just plain white and screaming to be painted! I already had some paint pens, but I bought a few more just in case I wanted to make it really colorful. And that’s all it takes! I personalized mine with an “A”, because that’s the first letter of my name. Everyone loves a gift with a little personal touch to it. Have fun!


Some other creative ideas for the lid:

+ Their initials + An outline of their home state with a heart in their city+ Their name+ Favorite quote+ Song lyrics+ Bible verse


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