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Bookmark Pals


bookmark005These little bookmark pals are so fun! They are really cute, unique, and useful, and they make great gifts for all ages. It’s also a fun project that doesn’t take hardly any time or money. You can’t beat that!

Β All you need to create these little pals is felt, scissors, a needle, and you can either use sewing thread or embroidery thread. Just cut off two corners of a sheet of felt, make them into whatever you want, and sew them together! But make sure to leave the top open, so that the page can easily fit inside.


And don’t worry, the book will still close easily and stay compact when you’re not reading.


Here are some that I have completed so far; however, I am working on a lot more. These little guys are kind of addictive. bookmark002The One Eyed Monster Pal

bookmark005The Heart Pal

bookmark006 bookmark007The Fox Pal

bookmark001The Simple Pal

bookmark011Ice cream Pal

bookmark010And here are all my little pals together, just hanging out, waiting on a book to call their home.

(Except for Ice cream Pal…she already found a home!)

28 thoughts on “Bookmark Pals

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  8. You inspired me to make some of my own felt heart bookmarks. I couldn’t remember what ink up party I found you on so I scoured google and here you are! Adding a link to your post on mine now =)

  9. Thank you for putting this on. My little boy is making these for family Xmas gifts xxx

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  11. One of those books is The Hunger Games! I have to say these are so creative and so easy to make. Thank you for posting. πŸ™‚

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  17. Aww.. such a cute and clever idea. πŸ™‚

  18. Such a cute idea! My family celebrates Valentines day, and the hearts would be a perfect, little gift to handout.

  19. These are adorable and a great idea for Valentine’s Day. Do you have a pattern?

    • Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I do not have a pattern. The best thing to do is to go to a craft store and buy those rectangular sheets of felt. They are usually only about 25 cents or so. Then you just use the corner of it for your bookmark. You can make it into anything you want just as long as you have that corner for the page to fit in. You just have to make a front and a back, and then just sew them together about half way up. You might want to start out simple with just a triangle, and then you’ll get a better idea of how it works πŸ™‚


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