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Knitted Boot Cuffs


Leg warmers are a great winter accessory, and I’ve been wanting some cute ones for a long time. Unfortunately, I could never find any in the store that I liked enough to buy. So of course I thought, why don’t I just make them myself?

Well, these are not quite “leg warmers”. They are really meant to just peek out of the top of your boots, appearing as leg warmers, which is why I call them “boot cuffs”. The reason I made them like this is because I wear tall boots and short boots, and just by sliding them up or down, these will work for either length. Also, my tall boots have a zipper, and there is nothing more annoying than not being able to zip them up because you have too much crammed into them. But, if you prefer them to be full leg warmers, no problem: just keep knitting until they are as long as you want them to be.



I have included a pattern for you and it’s so easy. This would be a great project for a beginner. All you need to know how to do is knit and purl, also known as a stockinette stitch. Keep in mind that however many stitches you cast on will determine the width, or circumference,  and you want them to be able to fit comfortably around any part of your legs. This pattern is what I chose to do, but it is very easy to tailor it to yourself!

Needle size: 10.5 US

Yarn: Tender Touch by Yarn Bee

Color: Dovelegwarmers001


I hope you enjoy knitting these boot cuffs, and have fun rocking them through the rest of the season!

71 thoughts on “Knitted Boot Cuffs

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  2. Awesome, thank you!! I’ve been looking for a simple pattern for these – basically just needed to know how many to cast on, as I think I’m going to just do 2×2 ribbing for the entire length… or possibly adding a few small cables, as I’m doing a coordinating cowel with cables. I have some beautiful multi-color yarn with long color changes that will be best without a fancy stitch pattern (Chunky Mochi in “Crystal Palace” colorway). I am making for my son’s GF, who is probably a size 5 (if not 0 or 3!)… tiny little thing! With a bulky yarn, would 40 stitches still be about right, do you think? (I kind of don’t want to ask her to measure her leg, as she’d prolly figure out what I’m making… LOL Thank you!

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  4. If you wanted to make these longer,
    would you decrease due to the calf being larger compared to the ankle portion.

  5. For those who made these with double pointed needles: What size needle did you use? Most of the double pointed needles that I have are fairly small…

  6. What yarn weight are you using? I have a lot of yarn at home and don’t know where to buy yarn bee. I think I’ve seen it somewhere. One more thing. By CO 40 do you know what circumference it turns out to be. New to knitting boot cuffs.The other ones I tried on Ravelry turned out way too big and the other ones way too small. Do you measure the biggest part of the leg?

  7. Another new knitter here. What size needles would be best to use with a medium weight (#4) Red Heart worsted yarn?

  8. If your knitting on circular needles you would not k 1 row and purl the other. U would just knit in the round

  9. If i used size 10 us needles can i still follow the same pattern?

  10. Thank you! My sister has been begging me for cuffs (just started knitting 7 months ago) and this is a PERFECT PATTERN!

  11. I’m new at this and learner the lingo. I’m confused as to what to do by sewing ends together. I am using a circle loom.

    • I’ve also done pretty much the whole pattern, and it’s very long. Doesn’t look long in your picture. And i only did 28 cast on. I’m sure i did something wrong.

    • Kelly, if you’re using a circle loom, then you won’t need to worry about sewing the ends together. Also, this pattern is meant for straight knitting needles. I’m pretty sure that circle looms come in different sizes, and it’s possible that the one you have is too big for this pattern.

    • Kelly, You have it easy. The cuff is already the cylinder and all you need to do is bind off. No sewing the side seams. Using the cirle loom eliminates that step. Enjoy

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  13. Besides not having to sew up the edge, would this pattern change if you did it on a circular needle and if so, how?

    • You may want to read the comment thread, because a lot of others were going to use circular needles as well. But I believe the only thing you would change is that instead of K 1 row, P1 row…you would just knit every row. I think everything else would stay the same.

      • Thank you very much. That is exactly what I thought. Easier that way.

      • Personally, I’m surprised that a circular needle would work w/only 40 stitches… but, great if you can do it. (unless, of course you are knitting on them like they are straight needles, which I often do) If I want to knit in the round, I personally use double pointed needles on patterns with these few stitches and circular needles on larger projects, because I hate seams. Totally agree Alicia, the stitches would remain the same on circular or Dbl Pt Needles, except you just need to knit every row, and there will be no seams to sew. Just as an added note; Double Pointed Needles this large, >10 come in packs of 5 instead of the usual 4. Thanks, Alicia, for your really EASY pattern and explanations. Great job!!

      • There are also short cables available for circular needles, if you don’t want to battle the standard cable length.

  14. Thank you for the pattern…I am assuming you did these on straight needles correct

  15. Thank you for sharing these. I would like to make them for my five year old granddaughter. How do I scale them down? Thanks in advance.

    • Bev, I’m not sure since I do not know her size. It might be best to get a measurement, preferably around her knee and thigh, then adjust accordingly. Just remember, you must cast on in a multiple of 4.

  16. How I would love a video of this!

  17. How much yarn do I need for this pattern

  18. hi Alicia i made the boot cuffs useing a wool with added little flower bits on single thread with the wool turned out beautiful ,daughter very happy with them THANK YOU FOR PATTERN .i prefer straight needles .Dorothy

  19. Can you use circular needles? I’m so bad about closing off my seams. Love to make things hate to finish the seams 🙂

    • Of course! If you go through some of the other comments on this thread, they may be helpful. I know some others were planning on using circular needles as well.

    • You could also use a “three-needle bind off” if you knit the cuff on straight needles. This makes an invisible bind-off without having to sew a seam. If you look it up in You Tube, there will be a video showing the technique.

  20. *I said “magic ring” and I think the right word is “magic loop” (sorry)

  21. I noticed that several people suggested knitting these cuffs on round needles. Pardon my ignorance but if you do decided to use round needles, would you just cast on the same number of stitches and follow the pattern exactly as is except you wouldn’t have to sew them up at the end?

    • To be honest I’m not entirely positive but it seems like you can use the same pattern. I haven’t tried circular needles or double pointed needles yet! And seams don’t really bother me 🙂 I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually, but for now I only use straight needles. If anyone can help answer this question please feel free to do so!

      • You will not need to Purl, except in the ribbing portion of the cuff, if you use circulars or four needles. For whatever reason, the boot cuff will look like you followed the pattern exactly.

    • Hi, Perri-Anne 🙂

      I’m currently knitting something similar to these cuffs in 4 double-pointed needles – I find them easier than round needles, because due to the size of the cuffs I’d need to use a method called magic ring and I don’t enjoy it much.
      If you knit this in the round, all you need to do is change Step 3 on this pattern, and instead of knitting one row and then purling one row, you’ll just be purling or knitting (whichever is easiest for you) to get a stockinette stitch. When knitting in the round, you’re not turning the work so you don’t need to worry about “the other side” of your pattern.

      I hope this helps! I’ll soon be finished with my leg warmers and knitting with double-pointed needles has been easy and very satisfying 🙂

    • Yes, Peri-Anne, just follow the exact same pattern, same size needles, yarn, and cast on stitches. Only difference of course is when you get to the row pattern, you will not have to purl, you would just continue to knit around each row. (that’s where the term “knitting in the round” comes from) I like to put a marker where I begin, to remind me that I have finished a row. To create a pattern, when knitting in the round, such as the cuff part of this pattern, you will knit exactly as the pattern calls for, ie: K2P2 for cuff part. Personally, I hate seams… but that’s just me, so I use circular or double pointed needles for any pattern that calls to be joined. For this pattern because of so few stitches, I would recommend using double pointed needles. I read several comments above where they are using circular needles. With these few stitches I would think, doing so, would make it very difficult in the beginning, because it would be so tight, but maybe they know something I don’t. *I would love to find out. I have seen other patterns recommend knitting back and forth for a few rows to get some stretching ability, when you are wanting to be knitting in the round with just a few stitches. The only problem with doing this, is you then have to sew up that part, after you are finished, thus creating a seam. In my opinion this defeats the purpose of knitting in the round. The most important part, in any craft, is to have fun. So, whatever works best for you, is the best way to do it. *Those of you that have used circular needles for these cuffs, with only 40 cast on stitches, were you able to knit in the round from the beginning row?? Looking forward to hearing your comments. Thanks! Huge THANKS to Alicia Kellum for this pattern and for this dialog from others. You do such a great job Alicia. 🙂

      • Thank you so much for your reply. Round needles come in different sizes and they also come in larger and smaller, meaning the wire or nylon connecting the needles can be shorter or longer. I am using a short one for this pattern and though it is a tiny bit tight at the very beginning, I do not have any troubles at all.

  22. I’m sorry if I sound daft, but being a beginner myself, there’s always the little detail which eludes me: why does the casting-on need to be in multiples of 4?

    Also, I’m assuming you used circular or double-pointed needles – did you use the magic circle or just plain “normal” knitting?

    Anyways, I love grey so I’m a bit in love with your boot cuffs 🙂

    • Hi, Leonor! You need to cast on in multiples of 4 for the pattern to work out correctly. You knit2 then purl2 which equals 4 stitches all together. If you cast on an odd number then the knit2 purl2 pattern will not work out evenly. Same as if you were going to do knit 1 purl 1–that equals 2 stitches so you would need to cast on a multiple of 2. Of you were to just do a garter stitch or purl the whole thing, then it wouldn’t matter as much. Does that make sense? 🙂 Also, I just used straight needles and then sewed the ends together creating a seam.

      • Oh duh, of course. Now I get it! Sorry for asking something so obvious, Alicia, and thanks for taking the time to reply 🙂

        I am feeling so tempted to do this in straight needles, but I need to learn how to knit in the round, so I think I might go crazy and just use my newly bought double-edged needles and wish for the best 😀

      • I’m glad I could help, and good luck! 🙂

      • Thanks! I’ve since started and it’s going well so far 🙂

  23. wonderful just what i needed for daughter THANK YOU

  24. I will use circular needles, no seams, cannot wait to start a pair

  25. about how much yarn does it take? is there another brand I can use?

    • it didn’t even take one skein! You can use whatever yarn you’d like! Just remember how different weights determine different sizes. Like I stated in the pattern, this is just what I chose to do based on what fits my body the best, but everyone is different and you might can find something that works better for you!

  26. What a wonderful idea, one could knit lots of these for family, friends,etc. with left over yarn. I might try this pattern
    in the round.

  27. Love this pattern it is quick will be making alot of these for friends and family members Thank you!

  28. How about knitting in the round (magic loop)?

  29. My granddaughter lives in Juneau, Alaska. I’m sure she will love a pair. I will use circular needles, that way I won’t have to sew them. Thanks for the easy pattern.

  30. My niece just asked yesterday for boot cuffs. So much easier to use your pattern, rather than taking the time to create my own. Thanks!


  32. My granddaughter will be visiting for spring break. This is a perfect project for her. Thanks

  33. How funny, I started to make some boot cuffs over the weekend too. I love the yarn you used. 🙂


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