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Snapshot 01, Ever Yours

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everyours001everyours002everyours003everyours004everyours009everyours005everyours008everyours011Over the weekend, we celebrated my dad’s 65th birthday. We spent the whole day mostly thrift shopping—one of our favorite things to do. Being the amazing person that he is, he purchased a beautiful gift for me on his birthday. In one of the thrift stores, I instantly noticed this gorgeous dish set. The blue on the inside of the cups jumped out at me right away, and we went over to inspect further. It turns out that this set is by Taylor Smith and Taylor, entitled “Ever Yours”. It was made in the 1950’s and discontinued in 1962. Although I fell in love immediately, I tried to tell him not to buy it for me. Of course he bought it anyway. It was hard to turn down being that it is almost the entire set, in excellent condition, and all for a terrific price. I will absolutely cherish these forever.


Here are a few more highlights of the day:






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