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Favorite Valentine DIY’s: Part 1


Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to get your creative juices flowing. There’s just something about all the love in the air that gets me in the perfect mood for whipping up tons of adorable, sweet crafts. (Or is it just the caffeine from all that chocolate I’ve been eating?) Either way, it’s time to get out all the red, pink, and glitter you own, and do some DIYing for the sweethearts in your life.

Here are a few small quick and easy projects I’ve put together to get you inspired!

1. This felt heart page marker is a perfect gift any book lover will enjoy! Click here for the full tutorial.



2. These DIY gift boxes are not only easy, but free! Just use your paper towel rolls (cut them down in sections), or toilet paper rolls. Fold the ends like a pillow box and decorate!

These are perfect for candy, jewelry, or a sweet love note.



3. I can’t get enough of these felt heart hair pins. They add the perfect dash of sweet to any look! Just cut out some felt hearts and hot glue them to bobby pins. Simple and sweet!



4. Try this for an easy Valentine you can make in less than a minute. The kids can help too! You just need suckers, ribbon, tags, and a marker.



5. And lastly is this fun, accordion Valentine that anyone would be happy to get! It unfolds to reveal a cute and quirky love note. You only need glue, card stock, plastic googly eyes, and whatever else you want to decorate with. I used red and pink Sharpies and a metallic gold marker to make it pop.

Once you’re finished, fold it up and secure it with some cute Washi tape!

valentine006 valentine005

I hope you enjoyed these fun and easy Valentine DIY’s! All of these projects were made from things just lying around at home—they cost me absolutely nothing. So before you run off to the store, just take a look around. You may have lots of treasures you didn’t even know you had!

Stay tuned for a follow up post where I’ll be showing off some of my favorite projects from around the web. You won’t want to miss it!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Valentine DIY’s: Part 1

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  2. The DIY boxes out of the toilet paper rolls are my FAVORITE! Makes me want to start saving them up to give out as favors at a party or something. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it! Thank you for sharing.



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