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At Home: DIY Round-Up

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As this month comes to a close, I have been reflecting on all the fun projects I’ve been working on for our very old, new house. With it being our first home, we can’t help but put so much energy and work into it to make it feel like ours. Since we are on a tight budget, and just because I love making things, almost all of the decorative items in our house are/will be handmade, DIY projects. Sometimes, yes, it would be nice to go shopping and buy a lot of shiny, new things. But my love for handmade pieces has grown exponentially in the past few years, and I know how meaningful and unique they are. Since this house is so very special to us already, it only makes sense to fill it up with the things that are most special to us. Obviously, that would be the things we make with our own hands; the things we make with love.

Here is a quick round-up of some of my favorite projects from September.

DIY Pillowcases

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Making these is so fun, and incredibly easy. I bought 4 pillows at the thrift store that were very close in size. These were only around $2 a pillow–insane! Then I went to the craft store and chose the fabric. (I made sure to put them in the washing machine before adding fabric) Custom made pillows are not something you see in every home, and these are actually less expensive than any you would buy already made. Here is the awesome tutorial that will blow your mind and make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”


Wooden Initial

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Once again, adding those personal touches really makes a big difference. Our last name starts with a “K”, so I knew I wanted one in our house somewhere. I bought this plain, wooden letter at the craft store for around $4. I spruced it up using some acrylic paint that I already had on hand. I painted it black first, then added some soft yellow for a worn, vintage look. Another way is to paint it yellow first, or whatever color you choose, then paint over it. Once it dries, you can scuff it up with some sand paper so that the bottom color comes through.

Embroidery Hoop Art


I love the homemade, vintage feel that embroidery hoops offer. These are pretty self-explanatory. There are a variety of sizes you can choose from, and I have found that a quarter of a yard of fabric will work for any size. Between the hoop and fabric, I paid less than $4! You can add felt or buttons, like I did, to personalize it and make it a little more special.

Old Windows

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but I really love anything old/vintage/antique. Old windows are definitely a favorite of mine. You can usually find them for around $7-$10 at thrift stores, flea markets, or consignment shops. There are so many possibilities! Obviously, I turned this one into a beautiful picture frame using twine and mini clothespins. It serves as a beautiful focal point in our living room.


Here is another option that I love. This is an old window, turned chalkboard, that we are using as a message board in our kitchen.  I did not use chalkboard paint for this. I actually used chalkboard contact paper! The contact paper cost me a whopping $3 as opposed to the $15-$20 I would have spent on paint and primer. It works just as great as a normal chalkboard, it erases easily, you can gently wash it with warm water if needed, and if you decide you don’t want it anymore or want to replace it….just peel it off! So easy, quick, cheap, useful, and beautiful. Not to mention it adds a ton of character to any room.

Fall Wreath


I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of these already, but I still love them. Although it’s not a new idea, the design can always be new and fresh. The Styrofoam ring was around $5, and I already had the other supplies on hand. I just wrapped it with yarn, and embellished it with ribbon and felt flowers.

There you go: 5 quick, cheap, easy projects that anyone can do. I hope you feel inspired, and are ready to accomplish some DIY’s of your own!



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