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Man Cave Makeover

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Quick! What’s the first thing that pops into your head when I say the words “man cave”? Let me guess…you immediately thought of a big screen TV, beer cans, and neon signs. Well the up and coming company, Man Crates, is out to change the man cave stereo type with their “Man Cave Makeover Campaign”. If you’ve never heard of Man Crates, they are a new company that specializes in gifts for men which they ship in wooden crates. Not only are these gifts awesome, but the wooden crate cannot be opened without using a crow bar! I don’t know any man who wouldn’t love something like that.

As part of their campaign, they contacted bloggers like me to put together a list of things we would give a man to decorate his man cave with…you know, aside from all the big tv’s and gaming systems that will naturally be in the room already. So,  I decided to put together a list that includes rustic decor, with a touch of modern elegance and cozy charm.


Leather Furniture Pieces
Obviously, the first thing on my list is some antique, leather furniture. I feel like this should be a staple in any man cave. These pieces are durable, extremely comfortable, and add a ton of character to any space. And, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the smell of real leather?

mb0011. // 2. // 3.

Woven Wool Area Rug
Next on my list is this geometric print, woven wool area rug. I love the cool vintage look, and the pops of color.

mb005Find it here

Wooden Tables and Storage Spaces
I think it’s always important to add a natural element, like wood, to any design. For example, this wooden trunk would be a great substitute for your regular ole coffee table. On top of it being a unique, rustic piece in the middle of the room, you also get great storage space. We know that every guy needs functionality in his decor.

mb0021. // 2.

Comfy + Cozy
It’s true: pillows and candles are not just for women! We have to add at least some of these soft touches among all of this rustic, industrial design. I love this Bourbon & Brown Sugar candle that can double as a glass once the candle is burned down. The tweed pillows are the perfect match when it comes to comfort and masculine style. Once again, those small pops of color can make a big difference.

mb0071. // 2.

Fun Pieces
We can’t forget those fun, little things that really make a man cave special. Of course, your guy will want to just relax and have a drink every now and then. When he has his friends over, this wall mounted bottle opener not only makes clean up a breeze, but also just looks like cool wall art. And mason jar shot glasses? Enough said.

mb0031. // 2.

Modern Bar Stools
Whether you line them up at the bar, or sit them around a table, these reclaimed teak handcrafted bar stools are a great addition to any room. They still give a nod to the rustic look, while maintaining a sleek and modern design.

mb006Find it here

Industrial Lighting + Decor
In my opinion, the industrial look is awesome whether we are talking man cave or any other room in the house. I just love it. It literally makes any room interesting, and definitely ups the coolness factor.

mb0041. // 2. // 3.


Well, that concludes my list. If this man cave was in my house, my girl friends and I would definitely be crashing it when the husband isn’t around!
Make sure to visit Man Crates to see what they are all about, and find the perfect man gift for the awesome guy in your life.



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