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Dream Workspace Inspiration



Today I’m taking a moment to blog about work-spaces and workspace inspiration. First of all, let me tell you about WeWork. WeWork is a really cool co-working company that helps to build amazing work-spaces, communities, and services to those wanting to create their own business. Right now, they are running a new project called “Show Me Your Work Space”. They contacted me to ask if I would blog about my own space, and also write about the additional items I would add to create my dream office environment.

Right now, my “workspace” is a little out of the ordinary. I’m in the process of moving into my first house (exciting!!), so for now my workspace is just wherever is convenient. While sometimes this can be annoying and chaotic, there is one place I can go that always feels peaceful and continuously inspires: the great outdoors. So for this post, I’ll show you what I think some of my office essentials are, why I absolutely love working outside, and what I hope to incorporate into my new workspace once I make the big move.


Obviously the first essential item is a computer, but I love to make lists and write things down as well. Having a portable laptop is really helpful, even though I do most of my blogging on a desktop. (Which is currently sitting in the corner of my dining room!) I usually don’t try to get any work done without my coffee or some hot herbal tea, and having fresh flowers nearby is always a great mood booster for me. I also like to have some combination of bright colors within eye sight. This can spark creativity and just make the space more enjoyable. Although I find most of my resources on the internet, it doesn’t hurt to hit the books once in a while. There’s just something about books that seems to make my thought process go a little deeper than when I’m staring at a computer screen for hours.

While I cannot wait to have a beautiful workspace indoors, I absolutely love working outside and will probably continue to do so on occasion. When you are outdoors, surrounded by nature, there is inspiration everywhere you look. I feel like my creativity comes to life, and things tend to come together very organically. There are so many colors, sounds, and textures that it’s hard not to be inspired and come up with totally new ideas.



My Dream Workspace

WS012As far as design goes, I would prefer to have a space that is light and bright. A room flooded in natural light would be amazing. I would pair that with a dreamy color scheme, lots of eclectic furniture, interesting artwork, plantlife, a touch of vintage/industrial decor, and various pops of colors and patterns. If I got to work in a space like that every day, I would be extremely motivated to get things going! Other than that, I would hope to have a sitting area to think and write besides my desk, lots of organizational supplies to keep things in order, and maybe a small snack bar to keep the energy flowing.

Maybe one day!

Be sure to visit www.wework.com for more information on this innovative company.



2 thoughts on “Dream Workspace Inspiration

  1. I was just visiting your blog. I enjoyed my visit, you have a lot of great ideas and you’re very creative. Thanks for sharing your talents! Happy Fall!! Sherri 🙂


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