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Free Pattern: Knitted Boot Cuffs//Revised Version


Last winter, I posted a pattern for knitted boot cuffs. While it is still a good pattern, I have decided to post a different way to do them. I think I like this pattern better, because it is easier to get the sizing right, and also allows for more stretch, which means that it can go a little bigger or smaller depending on who is wearing them.


(Chunky weight yarn and US 13 needles)

  • Cast on 15 stitches
  • Row 1: Knit across
  • Row 2: K3, P9, K3
  • Alternate Row 1 and Row 2 until you reach desired length. Mine measured about 13 inches long,
    and I was able to fit it around mid-calf all the way up to mid-thigh
  • Cast off, turn inside out, and sew ends together to create a seam.
  • Turn right side out to wear

It’s as easy as that! A great stash buster + stocking stuffer, and super quick and easy to knit up. Enjoy!




32 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Knitted Boot Cuffs//Revised Version

  1. I just figured it out…duh!

  2. So I don’t get how co 15 would go around calve or have 13 inches in length. Co 15 is about 4-5 inches with 13 needle. I tried the other version last year but once I BO it was so tight.

  3. I’ve just started knitting a pair of these and I can tell already that the needles are way too big. I’m using bulky yarn and size 13 needles as the pattern instructs but I’m not getting the tight knit that I can see in the photo. It’s quite loose which isn’t looking great. Has anyone else had to switch to smaller needles?

  4. What technique did you use to seam the ends together? I am having a hard time getting it to look right and not stand out. Thanks!

  5. Hi, you might suggest that new knitters find an experienced person to help them get started even to just reading the pattern. Most yarn stores will help people get started with the purchase of yarn. Even better to find a friend that knits and then they can ask questions as they go along.

  6. I’m going to give this pattern a try, was needing to try something new for this Christmas! How many leg warmers did you get from a ball of yarn and what yarn did you use? I’m going to try using Wool Ease Thick and Quick and hoping I get at least 2 leg warmers (ie – one pair) from this ball of yarn which is 106 yards – do you think I will? Thanks so much for sharing this pattern! Naomi

  7. Not sure where all the confusion is coming from? I followed your pattern and they came out perfect! Thanks so much. I see stocking stuffers in the future. I knit them to 12 inches long as my sister has chicken legs (damn her lol). For those who are confused… Cast on 15 stitches and just follow the pattern. You will see, as your work lengthens with rows, that you can begin wrapping it around your calf to judge how many more rows you need to knit for your personal calf. I used Plymouth Essex yarn in Scorpions and 15 cast on stitches gave me the perfect “height” for the cuff…a little is in the boot and a little peeps out just as shown in the photos above. I think the next time I do these I will attempt the 3 needle bind off as mentioned above…I sooo suck at seaming. Thanks again for such a nice boot cuff!

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  9. What kind of yarn do you use ?

  10. What yarn do you suggest? I am using a bulky yarn but yiu can see the pattern. It’s lion brand wool ease, thick and quick. Thanks

  11. One thing I decided to try was adding a button on the side. I went with wooden ones, and I really liked the look!

  12. Thank you so much!

  13. I did the cast Co 15 stitches. It is way too short. Someone said it fit them mid calve to mid thigh. I’m using chunky yarn. So frustrated. I guess I’ll give up. They look cute in picture. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    • The mid calf to mid thigh comment, was not referring to the length of the finished boot cuff but to the fact that’s how stretchable this pattern is. If you want your boot cuff to be longer just CO more stitches. Keeping in mind that you will be sewing together the first row and the last row of your cuff when finished knitting. Hope this helps you understand this pattern better. Happy Knitting and please don’t give up.

    • Just add more stitches until it’s a width you like – no need to give up

    • I used a chunky wool and could see as soon as I Co that I would not like how short it was going to be. So I just continued to Co until I got the desired length I was looking for, which was at a Co of 20. I also (like many others) did not get the nice tight knitted look like in the picture with the size needles this patterns was calling for. So I used a size 8.5 needle (bamboo needles are my favorite) and continued as the pattered suggested for each row and they turned out perfect! I have made several now for everyone I know lol. So Co 20 and use size 8 or 8.5 needles 🙂
      hope this helped!

  14. I just finished the revised instructions for knitted boot cuffs. It does not look like it will fit me. I cast on 15 stitches. I am using Lion Brand Yarn-Homespun. Please advise if I should use more stitches? Do you make two for one leg? New knitter

    • Just to be clear, the number of stitches you are casting on determines the height of the boot cuffs, not the length. So really you can just keep knitting until they fit you if you are knitting them for yourself. Does that make sense?

      • I understand that with 15 co stitches is the width, you have to knit the 13 inches to get the length. What abouth the width? Mine is way to small. What is the secret to get it right?

      • Mindee, you have it backwards. The cast on stitches will determine the length/height of the boot buff and the inches you knit will determine how wide the cuff will be that will fit over your calf. Keep in mind you will be sewing the first row you knitted to the last row you knit and cast off, so you can wrap the cuff around your leg while still on the needles to determine how many more rows you need to knit to fit your calf. Hope this helps you.

    • If you want them to be taller, just cast on more stitches. You can still Knit 3 at the beginning and Knit 3 at the end to get the same look.

  15. Oh I see now. How silly. I need to view the cuff rotated;)
    I’m using Thread and Loops, Country Loop which, although, is super chunky, looks great. Thanks again.

  16. Thank you for sharing your pattern. However, as the photo for this cuff appears to begin with ribbing, followed by stockinette stitch, then ending in ribbing, I’m confuses as to how your constructions will create this effect. I must be overlooking something. also, were you assuming use of circular of straight needles.

  17. I did a Boot cuff where you put your stitches on with waste yarn, knit 1 row , purl 1 row then added the main yarn. These were knit sideways and when finished you put the main stitches on needle, removed the waste yarn then did the 3 needle bind off. So neat and you don’t see the seam

  18. I have a question!! I am new to this .. and i need help… every time i do the knit 3 purl 9 and then knit 3 it adds teo stitches what am i doing wrong????

    • I had the same problem too! When switching from knit stitch to purl stitch you must bring your yarn to the front of the needles before anything else, over your knitting, if that makes sense. Then when you want to switch back to knit stitch, you just move the yarn behind the needles again. Here’s a link that might visually help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc1nolkBY8A
      Don’t give up because you will be so pleased with yourself and your new boot cuffs!

  19. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me the finished height of the boot cuff and what type of bulky yarn you used ?


  20. It seems like CO 15 would be so small. I need these for an adult. Please help. New knitter. I have been trying to make some boot cuffs. I tried another pattern that said Co 74,too big. I tried another that said Co 60, too small. These were size 8 needles. I just CO 15 with size 13 and it looks small.

    • Hi, Tamara. Just to be clear, the 15 sts that you cast on for this pattern is for the length or height of the boot cuffs, not the circumference. You are going to knit until you reach the correct circumference, and then sew it together. You also will get a lot of stretch that way. The suggested length to knit before you bind off is 12.5 to 13 inches. I hope that helps.

  21. Alicia, What a GREAT idea!! THANKS!! I know… these will have to have a seam; I don’t see any way around it. I will just have to live with that, because I need the stretch. When making these for gifts, I need them to be more stretchable to fit my girls different size legs. I will be casting on a few more stitches, and using two different color yarns, as I want them to be just a bit longer so I can make them reversible. You just completely eliminated having to bind off one end, which with reversible cuffs, one end has to go over the calf, the larger part of the leg. I found that the bound off end just does not have enough stretch unless you bind off REALLY loosely, which just doesn’t look neat. This pattern takes care of that problem!! Thanks again!! Love your patterns! PS: For new knitters… you do have to bind off your stitches for this pattern too, it’s just that the bind off area will run the back of your leg instead of around your leg. Hope I didn’t confuse anyone.

  22. Thank you for the pattern. Loving all your knitting patterns! I went the 13″ and ended up being a little too big. Will have to try again. What’s great about boot cuffs is not having to do the full length of the legwarmer. Every time I try to make legwarmers, they never get finished. Haha. Very pretty and quick knit.

  23. Thank you will knit these for granddaughter ,she loved your other pattern ones .


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