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DIY: Handmade Love Notes

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You will need:

  1. paper
  2. stick glue
  3. Washi tape or stickers
  4. scissors


I like to use double sided paper, like the picture below, or origami paper. The origami paper is easier to fold, but usually only has a pattern on one side. The paper pictured below is a little more sturdy, and you get to see pretty patterns on both sides. These usually already come in a square shape, but if you have paper that isn’t square, just cut where necessary to make it the same length on all 4 sides.


First, choose the side of the paper that you want to be the outside of the envelope, and lay it face down. The “inside” of the envelope will be face up. Follow the folding pattern below.


Once you reach step 7, mash the creases down really good so that you have some deep lines, and then unfold it as shown in step 8. Place some stick glue where the arrows are pointing, and fold it back together.


Now you will most likely need to cut your own paper for the note that is going inside the envelope. Just trace along the bottom of the envelope leaving a little space on either side. Next, trace up to the top crease of the envelope, once again leaving a little space. After cutting out your note, you may need to trim it a little to make it fit just right. Another option is to use whatever paper you’d like, and just fold it up to fit inside.


Now write something sweet, stick it inside, and seal it with some cute Washi tape!



These one-of-a-kind notes are great for thank you notes, Valentine’s, love notes, gift tags, etc…the possibilities are endless. The handmade envelope and custom sized paper really makes a big difference in making someone feel special. A gift is always better when it is obvious that the giver put in some extra effort and extra love! Enjoy ❤









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